Youjitsu V7: Hasebe Haruka – I, Hasebe Haruka, don't plan to change

Youjitsu V7 SS
– Hasebe Haruka –
I, Hasebe Haruka, don't plan to change

After school, the temperature gradually decreased. The Ayanokouji group gathered as usual at the entrance of Keyaki shopping center. 

I hurriedly put aside my conversation with Miyacchi and approached Kiyopon. 

“Ah, talking about Class C ... I saw it~, president~ you really make people hate you~” 

Then I used my elbow to touch his flank. 

“What did you see?” 

Was it because he didn’t realize it, or because he was trying to hide it? Kiyopon’s expression didn’t change and it was as usual. 

“And you ask me what I’ve seen… it was the scene of Kiyopon having lunch with Shiina from Class C.” 

I didn’t like to beat around the bush, so I launched a frontal attack. 

If he was guilty he would show a trace of wavering in his eyes, but despite mentioning Shiina-san’s name, Kiyopon’s attitude was still the same as usual. 

“Airi has been concerned about that all the time, she dropped rice several times while eating.” 

“Waah, Haruka-chan! We agreed not to say that!” 

Airi got angry, her face was blushing. 

This frank reaction was really cute, I couldn’t help but tease her a bit. 

“Is that so? Then what I said earlier didn’t count.” 

Until now, a child that can honesty show her love reaction was very scarce. I really admired her. 

Although sometimes there were also girls who showed a calculated love reaction, but I didn’t like them. 

“Don’t tell me you were planning to hurriedly start a romantic relationship before Christmas?” 

At this very moment, for the sake of Airi, I had to further interrogate him. 

“Kiyotaka, is that true? I had the impression you wouldn’t do those vulgar world things…” 

“Too naïve, Yukimu, you are too naïve~. Between a man and a woman, it always ends in a romantic emotion in the end. By the way, the term vulgar world is too outdated. Young people nowadays are even more precocious than you imagine.” 

“What precocious… we are high school first year students.” 

“You know, high school first year students having their first love is already considered late. When I was in elementary school, some classmates were already in a relationship with middle school students or high school students.” 

“I-I’ve never heard of that.” 

“That’s just because Yukimu, you didn’t pay attention to your surroundings. There are a lot of girls who have no interest in childish male classmates.” 

So you boys, you have way too much fantasies about girls. If you want to get a pure and cute girlfriend, you need to pay attention to the surrounding girls like Airi. 

“I-I’m sorry, Haruka-chan. That…” 

Airi whispered me in a low voice. It looks like she had finally realized I was assisting her. 

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. You need to confirm at all times whether Kiyopon is single. But Airi, you also need to try your best. If he got a girlfriend, then we wouldn’t be able to be this blunt, right?” 

Digging other people’s information, no matter if it was thinking or doing it, Airi would never do it. 


Airi nodded with resolution, her face red. Airi being so cute, if it was a normal boy, I guess she would have immediately fallen into the enemy hands. They would normally carry the thought of “let’s first go out to see if it works”. 

Miyachhi and Yukimu had more or less understood the situation, but Kiyopon hadn’t become aware of it yet. 

I really didn’t know what he was thinking. 

Forget about it, let’s sound him out a bit, with a bit of assist fire. 


Until now, I had never been in a relationship with anyone. 

But I would be lying if I said I had never had anyone I liked. 

When I was in elementary school I had one, in middle school I also had one. They were both 2 years older senpai. Unfortunately, I’ve never talked to any of them. They were intelligent, handsome, good at sports, those types of all-rounded senpai. 

More than liking, using the word longing in order to express my feelings would be more fitting. 

I had tried to start a conversation countless of times, but I had never gathered enough courage. 

I regretted two times. 

That was a past where I couldn’t even confirm whether that was love or not. 

The next time I harbor these kind of feelings, I don’t want to regret it again. I had been thinking like this all the way until now. 

… In short, the threshold for me to fall in love was a bit high, or maybe I was basically not interested in ordinary boys. As a living creature, this should be very normal. In brief, my ideal standards were extremely high. 

Inside our class, Hirata is the closest to my ideal person. However, I’m pursuing an even higher ideal standard. 

Recently, I unexpectedly started to think Kiyopon’s qualifications were very good. 

Although he was not as good as Yukimu at studies, he also looked like he was not as strong as Miyacchi at fighting. 

But –I kept feeling that he was unfathomable. 

Probably Yukimu and Miyacchi also started to gradually perceive that. 

I remembered my astonishment during the sport festivals. The relay race between Kiyopon and the Student Council President. 

Until now, nobody knew Kiyopon could run so fast –because he had a terrible precedent. 

If Kiyopon was my ideal man. 

At that moment, would I be able to suppress my feelings? 

I drove out the bad premonition that floated in my heart. 

It was hard to come by forming such an intimate group. 

The feeling of wanting to support Airi, who was as cute as a small animal, was also very strong. 

And no matter how, this must be me overthinking things. 

It was only because Kiyopon was full of mysteries. 

I bet that if I was in contact with him a little bit more, I would definitely reach the conclusion of “ah, Kiyopon is also an ordinary boy”. 

“What’s wrong, Haruka-chan?” 

“Oh, it’s nothing.” 

I don’t plan to change. 

I will definitely not change. 

Be it the place I’m right now or this feeling. I can’t bring whatever unnecessary thing that breaks the equilibrium of this small group. 

“I’m sorry, I’ve disturbed you all because of my keen interest, but 

“I’m sorry to disturb you while you got excited by your own account, but there’s absolutely no such frivolous thing.” 

After hearing my conversation with Yukimu, Kiyopon ridiculed us while being unperturbed. 

“Is that so? You are not trying to hush up a scandal?” 

“Y-you see? Even though I told Haruka-chan that, she didn’t believe me!” 

Ok. The current situation is fine. 

I told my heart this again. 

I, Hasebe Haruka, don’t plan to change. 

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