Youjitsu V4.5: Ichinose Honami – Swimsuit Short Story

Youjitsu V4.5 SS
– Ichinose Honami –
Swimsuit Short Story

In the last day of the summer vacation, I came to the swimming pool to enjoy myself. After having lunch, I was resting alone. 

I was sitting on a simple bench placed in a corner of the swimming pool, watching attentively at the students who continued to swim without taking a break. 

“If you don’t mind it, do you want to swim with me?” 

The leader of Class B, Ichinose Honami, started a conversation with me, who was resting there. 

“Did you talk to me because you saw me being alone?” 

“Ahaha, it’s not like that. I just minded it a bit.” 

It was an honor to be told this by Ichinose, who was considered cute (probably) in the campus. 

-- Of course, I couldn’t say these words aloud, so I just thought it in my head. 

“I’m not really good at swimming.” 

“Is that true?” 

After answering her, Ichinose looked incredulously at my top, then she watched attentively at my legs. 

“You look as if you could swim very fast.” 

“That’s just your misconception. I’m always one of the slowest in class.” 

I told her that since it was an information that could be obtained by investigating a bit. Ichinose, although she didn’t really agree, immediately switched the mood and stretched her lower back. 

“Then you don’t have to swim. First let’s just enter the pool. 

“Oh, ok.” 

Since it was a rare occasion to come here once – I held this idea for the time being. Normally they wouldn’t allow entering the pool wearing a top, but today was a special day. We did a warm-up standing side by side and after that, we entered the pool. The ice-cold temperature of the swimming pool was transmitted through my skin. 

“Ah~ so comfortable~ “ 

Ichinose, who immediately emerged, waved me with a smile on her face. 

The next moment she splashed me with the water from the pool. 



Was because I looked weird with my hair wet from the water she poured? Ichinose pointed at me while she split her sides laughing. 

Following that, she splashed even more water than the previous time at me. 

“Is it okay for you not to offer any resistance?” 


Being provoked like this, you’d also want to strike back. But when I realized the surroundings looking at me, I became rigid. 

“What happened?” 

“Ah, nothing…” 

How should I put it, this practically looks like lovers playing in the swimming pool. 

Even though Ichinose and I don’t have that kind of relationship, those who saw us interacting would definitely think like that. 

Once I reflected about it, my body felt heavy and I was unable to strike back. 

“It’s just that I want to do Bloodless Surrender…” 

I used an idiom as an excuse. The meaning of Bloodless Surrender is literal. Avoiding a bloody battle when being attacked by opening the city gates. 

“I see~ but it’s too bad, there will be blood.” 

Ichinose splashed me water ruthlessly. The water entered my eyes and my nose. 


I deduced it was useless. It was exhausting to only be attacked. 

Ichinose probably felt that attacking unilaterally was excessive too. She was awakened a bit by a feeling of guilt and apologized to me with a smile. After that, she told me she was going to the central part of the pool, so I followed her from behind. 

Looking at her defenseless back, I absolutely couldn’t endure it, gathered a lot of water and splashed her in one go. 

“Waaa! Sto- you are so sly! 

“I’m really sorry, it looks like I really hate being sprinkled with water. But now we are even, so don’t resent me, okay?” 

“Haha, I’m not going to resent you. I’ll only strike back at you even stronger!” 

I’m certain this interaction is already considered by the surroundings as one done by lovers, but only this time I intend not to care about it. If Horikita saw this scene, she would definitely say “you are really a brat” and sigh. But I also want to become a brat once in a while. 

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