Youjitsu V4: Karuizawa Kei – Invisible Presence

Youjitsu V4 SS
– Karuizawa Kei –
Invisible Presence

This was an event that happened not long after the special test started. 

I went earlier to the Rabbit group exam room. 

“I’ve come a bit early… but whatever” 

Actually I didn’t intend to arrive this early, but approximately 10 minutes is still in an acceptable extent. 

I only wanted to avoid meeting with Manabe and the other girls. 

The reason being “that incident”. Reopening old wounds in these unexpected circumstances had disrupted my mood. Standing worried in front of the door of the room was also strange, so I simply entered directly into the room. Eg… I only saw Ayanokouji-kun waiting alone sitting on a chair alone after entering the room. The disgusted expression I adopted in a flash was seen by him, but it didn’t matter. 

I didn’t want to approach him, so I made some distance with him. I chose the furthest place from him and I sat down. 

During the period of time after this, I was passing time chatting with my friends with my phone. 

After that, Rino wanted to have a phone call, so we did that. 

“Ah, hello Rino. What’s the situation over there? This side? Ah--, this side is not just terrible, the situation is at the limit. Even if I’m being separated from Hirata-kun, at least give they should give me some decent guys. This group is really full of malice.” 

It looked like there were a lot of girls in the group where Rino was allocated, so envious. I was having complicated feelings about thinking that they were in high spirits during my absence. Girls are certainly organisms that gossip behind the people they hate. In order to avoid issues from appearing after the test was finished, I should scout out in advance, in order to control them. This is the most important thing I should really be doing right now. After finishing the phone call with a few words, I inspected the chat log from start to finish to look for suspicious things. En, there shouldn’t be any problem. At present my presence is still working. 

Ayanokouji-kun, who was clamly waiting in the room, entered my field of vision. 

“Ah—right. Are you the Target? It seems that neither Yukimura-kun nor So…-kun are.” 

This thing was not important. I only asked in order to pass the time. How should I put it, I didn’t have any impression of this guy. He was an unremarkable guy in the classroom, but I could still find him from the corners of my memory. Why? Just by thinking a little I arrived at the answer. 

Just from appearance alone, Ayanokouji-kun doesn’t look bad at all. If he could socialize as well as Hirata-kun, maybe he could become a person whose popularity wouldn’t lose to him. 

“I’m not” 

He answered me briefly. No, totally impossible, he doesn’t possess dialogue skills. That’s why he is always mixed with old fashioned girls like Horikita-san and Sakura-san. 

“Ah, I see. Then it’s okay” 

“Do you believe me?” 

Was it because I was suspicious? Ayanokouji-kun looked at me while saying this. 

“Hah? You probably aren’t, right?” 

I gave a slightly angry reply and he immediately shifted his gaze and stayed silent. You are a man, so embarrassing. 

It’s useless to keep chatting with him. While thinking this, I took out my phone again. 

In the end, besides Hirata-kun, there are no real men in class D. 

That’s why I can’t leave his side. 

Looking back right now, this was the first time Ayanokouji-kun and me spend time alone together. 

In my three years of school life, he would become the most important and irreplaceable person, but at this very moment I wasn’t aware of it. 

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