Youjitsu V11.75: Ichinose Honami SS – Ichinose Honami’s Spring Vacation – The Final Day

Youjitsu V11.75
– Ichinose Honami SS –
Ichinose Honami’s Spring Vacation
The Final Day

The last day of spring vacation. I met up with Chihiro-chan and Mako-chan and we went to the Keyaki mall together. It felt refreshing since it had been such a long vacation in which I’d often spent thinking alone.

«Honami-chan, are you feeling well? Are you okay?» Mako-chan asked. Since I was usually always acompanied by someone so seeing me shutting myself in my room so often and not seeing each other made her worry.

«No, everything is fine. Sorry for that, even when you invited me so many times. I was thinking about strategies for the second year, you could say. So I just wanted to think about how to proceed from now.»

«That’s well and all but… Honami-chan, don’t think too much by yourself, discuss it with us too, okay?» Chihiro, who had been following the conversation, continued.

The final term exams were already over so that was surely why they were so sensitive right now.

«Yes, I’m relying on you all so if something happens, I’ll definitely talk to you.»

That was my true feelings. But it was also true that I didn’t want to worry them unneccesarily.

Class 1-B was losing big thanks to me during the final exam. I was forced into making a big decision.

But that’s precisely why I need to choose my words carefully. I could easily worry them by what I said and that would be a loss to me.

«Oh, don’t worry, really. I’m hundred percent fine! Spring vacation had me fully charged!»

This spring break had given me new energy. A spring vacation unlike anything before. It was far more remarkable.

It was a bit different from the usual ones where I went out and played with my friends.

Even now, my chest felt hotter by thinking of Ayanokouji-kun and what had transpired on that day.

When I’d revealed my weakness in his room, something that had been weighting on me, just poof, disappeared.

I can still fight.

I felt I once again that I could fight with Sakayanagi-san, Ryuuen-kun and Horikita-san and the others.

Of course, whether we could compete with them we wouldn’t know until we try. But at least I avoided the worst case scenario: losing my will fight even before it happens.

This is without doubt, due to Ayanokouji-kun. I’m not sure I’d be here without him. A treasured friend… a very, a very important…

Somehow, the next words didn’t appear to me.

How should I express it properly? There was a part of me that just refused to think about it.

That’s because there is something I must not forget.

The fact that we are in different classes. It was an unchangeable fact that we couldn’t mingle and meet with each other. Unlike last year where we could cooperate due to our class points being vastly different, the gap had closed.

As Horikita said face to face with me, we had become rivals competing with each other.

In other words, if we end up fighting, we shouldn’t be affected by personal feelings.

What if, what if he and I were in the same class…

Then all my worries would disappear and I could fight without any hesitation.

«Stop stop. Don’t think any further…!»

I shook my head with great vigor in order to calm down the feelings deep within me.

«W-what is it, Honami-chan?»

Mako-chan was surprised by my sudden headshake looked at my worriedly.

«Sorry, sorry. It’s nothing.»

I tend to become too relaxed around my close friends no matter what.

I have to get myself together. It’s the last day of spring vacation after all. My friends were looking forward to meet me so I should stop thinking about this anymore.

I should focus on the first period of our 2nd year for now.

I will have proper time to think about it once the situation has calmed down and I get some time.

We are still Class B, but we have almost no more leeway left.

I intend to follow through with the same goal I had ever since the entrance ceremony last year when we all stood line in line. Standing still is not an option.

—Tomorrow, a new war will come for Class 2-B.

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