Youjitsu 2nd Year V3: Sakayanagi Arisu SS – An Enjoyable Moment

Youjitsu 2nd Year V3: 
Sakayanagi Arisu SS
– An Enjoyable Moment –

The 5th day of the special exam is fast approaching.

But the only ones who felt time running fast are the strong students with lots of extra energy, or the ones like me who remained at the starting line.

The physical and mental stress is generally felt throughout all classes. 

As long as they repeatedly throw theirselves into this harsh environment, bad injuries will definitely begin to appear at this stage.

I clearly understand that from watching the people entering and leaving the harbour from the beach I’m at.

«Oh my?»

I notice someone approaching me and my cheeks softens.

Without showing any signs of fatigue, he walks closer to me as usual.

«Good day Ayanokouji-kun. It’s a rather hot day today, isn’t it?»

«How are you?»

He’s the same as always. There are many people who exhibit this kind of calmness. But as expected of him, a mere few days of living on this uninhabited island doesn’t mean a thing to him.

«About as usual, considering it’s me. I’m having Ichinose-san and Shibata-kun do their best so I can’t say it’s been too indulging.»

It doesn’t need to be said but….

If I could move freely, I would gladly have accompanied them…

«I wanted to ask you something, can you still receive the arrival rewards?»

A question regarding the status of the exception that was me, the only one who was considered half-retired.

It probably wasn’t the only reason he came here to me.

I will consider it the appetiser before moving on to the main dish.

«I’m glad to say I’m still being recognised for that as it wasn’t my intention to retire after all.»

Thanks to that, Ichinose-san and Shibata-kun are properly able to receive the arrival rewards.

It’s lower than the other top groups naturally, but that can’t be helped.

«By the way, what affairs do you have for coming to the starting spot today, may I ask?»

«One of them was a waste of effort in the end.»

He replied as he gazed out towards the sea at the task now taking place.

«The last spot was unfortunately taken by Kouenji already.»

That’s regrettable. I would have used my binoculars to spectate if he was participating.

Kouenji’s performances was just a pain for us however.

Even if I left my personal feelings out, I still would have liked to see Ayanokouji-kun do the honours instead.

«He was 4th in the morning, but now he’s in 2nd place it seems. He really is the Wunderkind of Class 2-D if I may say so.»

«We share the same opinion then.»

Kouenji-kun’s talent is unlimited. Ayanokouji-kun is probably feeling the weight of it directly on his skin.

The fact Nanase-san isn’t by him now means there was an empty spot for the girls’ side.

«It should take about 30 mins before the task is over and Nanase-san comes back. Please take a seat. It’s rather refreshing here in the shade.»

It wasn’t a suitable place to entertain guests, but letting him stand there in the sun won’t do.

«How did you know about Nanase?»

«I regularly receive information from all over the island.»

The main group has a transceiver which I use to contact them. 

As someone who can’t move her legs, it’s a necessary tool to process information, don’t you think?

«Is that okay with you? I’m your enemy you know?»

«Fufu, I don’t mind.»

Ayanokouji-kun is not in the top 10 as of now. He could still be included in another group later and become a terrifying enemy later, but moving up as soloer is difficult. Furthermore, the amount of damage he has taken from fatigue is hard to guess.

If so, being close to him makes it all more enjoyable am I right?

It’s almost impossible to make time to be alone with him at the school. No need to concern ourselves with others. No need to think too much.

The fact that he doesn’t seem to share that sentiment is a pity.

While my heart is racing thinking about the conversation we are about to have…

I always end up wishing it could last forever. Even for just a moment longer.

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